Gym outfit and inspiration 

After six months of not going to the gym due to life issues (that are now sorted) I finally started to go back to the gym! And after one night I feel amazing dispite all my muscles hurting, I am quite proud of all that I did on my first day back! 

It can be so intimidating going to the gym after months away! I was so nervous about what to wear and how I would look like would parts of my belly show or will I slip and face plant on the treadmill (trust me it can happen) so I decided to look into what to actually wear because I wanted to be comfortable with all the exercises aswell as not too revealing or to constricting in my movements.

From what I read during my research, wearing materials that sweeps away the sweat instead of absorbing the sweat which can lead to chaffing and can make the work out very uncomfortable. Cotton seems to be a big no no! 

I found that black milk have some of the most perfect gym clothing I have ever worn! I wore my reppin it black milk crop top and it was very comfortable and perfect for all my exercises paired with it I wore my matte pocket leggings which were great for running! They hold everything where it should be but also let your body breath and move with you.

under the top I wore a sports bra I picked up from cotton on body that is comfortable but at the same time it does dig in the back a bit when running at a fast pace due to all the cross back straps but they also provide support when doing other exercises. I also wore my trusty Nike shoes I’m not sure what kind these are since I bought these quite a few years ago but they are so great they make my feet feel like I’m running on a cloud! 

I also had my hair up in a messy bun so I didn’t have to worry about it getting in my way. I had so much fun working out and I finally understand why everyone loves it so much! I hope to one day be fit and healthy and write more blog posts like this in the future! Thanks for reading I hope I can help or maybe even inspire you to try something new or find the right working out gear. Thanks for reading, until next time! Xo


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