black milk recent buys!

now if you haven’t heard of black milk clothing the you are really missing out and i am about to tell you about one of my all time favourite clothing companies! black milk clothing is an all Australian clothing brand that specialises in leggings and clothing that are out of this world!(literally). they have extremely detailed leggings that come in so many different patterns and cuts! from high waisted to gym leggings they have a pair that will suit you and your personality. but that is just the start! they also have everything from swimsuits, dresses, skirts, stockings, and so much more! everything to fill your nylon needs!

these are just some of the pieces i recently got from the finders keepers release that came out in February. this release was based off vintage clothing and those amazing finds you can get in vintage shops and op-shops.

first i grabbed these FLAPPER HOSIERY stockings i just love the crazy pattern and think these will pair great with all my skirts and dresses! i also got them in a really nice burgundy colour as well. i will admit i did grab these mostly because they were limited and i just know in two days i will see some amazing sharkie (that’s what they call black milk obsessed fans like myself) and they will pair them with something and it will look amazing like always and i will have massive regret for not getting them while i could! so i got them. now these cost me $25 aud each and as the burgundy ones are no longer available (to my knowledge) but the black ones are!


now this skirt… this skirt is just… so.. perfect.. the second i seen it i just knew i had to get it no matter what it cost me. even if i needed to sell my soul or an organ! i was dedicated to buying this skirt. and if you cant guess its because its blue!! i think it is just so gorgeous  and perfect it makes me want to float around like a princess. its called the BURNED VELVET TEAL FLORAL SPLIT SKIRT this cost me $99 aud and luckily i didn’t have to sell my soul or any organs! i just love it and it was worth every penny!

im just in love with these items, and i know they will last super long as they are such high quality and if you do have any issues with them within a certain amount of time black milk are more then willing to help out and answer any questions you may have. and if you need tips or styling advice or have any basic sizing questions there are hundreds of sharkies out there on socail media who are very willing to help! including me! thanks for reading! until next time! xo


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