Jeffree star cosmetics: velour liquid lipsticks

Jeffree star cosmetics is an indie cosmetics brand that has made quite an impression on the beauty world in such a small amount of time, heaps of youtubers and social network influencers have made so many different and beautiful looks using products from this company. Here are  a few of the products I currently own and some swatches to show what the colour is like.

These are all the shades I currently own there is:

  • Unicorn blood
  • I’m nude
  • Abused
  • Blue velvet

This is the unicorn blood shade on my lips, it is such a nice shade and is super easy to apply and drys down really well with no extra stickyness after.

This is I’m nude it is such a nice nutural nude shade that looks great on so many different skin types and on me it is the perfect match! I’ve actually used this so much I’m due to buy another one soon!

This is the shade blue velvet now this shade is just magic! I never thought I could find a blue shade to match my hair! And then I seen this and thought I might aswell see if it’s similar and in my opinion it is right on!

This is the shade abused, this was my very first lipstick from Jeffree star cosmetics and I just love it! It’s such a nice deep blue colour and makes me feel so grunge/punk when I wear it!

Here are all the shades swatched on my arm. I hope you enjoyed reading this! Until next time! Xo


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