Black milk clothing pt 1: skirts 

Black milk is one of my favourite clothing company i have ever found! They create amazing clothing from dresses to leggings, stockings and swimsuits and so much more!  

They use amazing fabrics, rich patterns and actually listen to what the customers want! They have little competitions on there facebook and instagram pages which let the people decide what item they will bring back from what they call the museum. It is so much fun getting involed with the amazing customers and workers this company has and being able to have a conversation with all kinds of people about what peices should be made is just brilliant.

They also arent just for women! I know of quite a few amazing men that rock the leggings and some that wear the shooters, tops and jackets and they look amazing in them.

I have about 30 peices from them and love every single one of them! I will definitely be uploading more blogs about my collection but for now here is just my skirts! 

My First piece💙

Above is the very first piece i bought its called the 100 acre woods skirt, it has an amazing whinnie the pooh themed pattern and looks adorable. Under the skirt i wore my sporty stripes hosiery 2.0 these are so comfy and look so cool! I wear them under almost everything. 


This is my pocket suspender skater skirt. It is just so comfy and the material feels so smooth. It is a matte material and has these cute suspenders that can be worn over the shoulder, crossed over the back or down the sides, they are only detachable from the front but that just means you can adjust it acording to your hight and to your own comfort.

Now this is my so perf cheerleader skirt. This was a limited edition skirt so it is no longer available but i just last minute managed to buy it. I unfortunately had to get it in a size large but i can make it fit by using a bonby pin to hold some of the extra material at the back, and you cant really tell. Underneath that is the enpoint tulle skirt! It’s super cute and makes me feel like a ballerina! 

This is my pvc skater skirt. It looks so amazing and really stands out, I feel that this skirt is so unique and different and i just love it. Underneath it i wore my suspender hosiery which i love and feel it gives me a edgy look, wearing it with some high heeled boots and a nice top makes such a nice ‘out on the town’ outfit.

This is the burnt velvet wine split skirt and it is just so gorgeous.. I can’t get over how nice it looks I feel like royalty when I walk around in this. It feels so smooth on the skin but if you do buy it I recommend getting it in a smaller size then you Normally would like I’m a size medium in all my bottoms but this is just that bit to loose on me.

This is my holy grail skirt, it’s the burnt velvet real floral split skirt and I just love it, the second I seen it I just knew it would end up in my collection and it would become one of my favourite pieces! It feels so smooth and is such an amazing colour. 

This is my newest edition the ice queen sheer skirt! It’s so beautiful and I feel like I am an ice queen when I wear this! 

This is just the first part of my black milk collection I will be Posting more throughout the month so stay tuned. Thanks for reading, I will happily answer any questions you may have about any of black milk clothing collections or any styling tips! Until next time! Xo
Here is a link to the store if you are interested in any of these skirts or just to check out their wide range of clothing options: Black milk clothing
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated to black milk and paid for all these items myself.


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