princess polly haul

since i have a few birthdays coming up i thought this was a good enough reason to just buy a new outfit! so i went to my beloved princess Polly which has help me out over the years with spontaneous outfit purchases and extremely quick Australian wide shipping! aswell as great prices and amazing clothing!

so i seen on there instagram page they had added some new styles just in time for valentines. so i went ahead and scrolled through and found this gorgeous dress with amazing mesh detailing all over thiss beautiful tight black dress called xaviera mesh midi dress. i thought this dress looked great it had that grunge side to it that i love and i thought with my blue hair it could look great. it cost me $55 aud and for a mesh dress i consider that a good price compared to what i have seen available.

i also grabbed the lady stardust set in white, i think it looks super sexy it comes with a lace bralette and undies in a set, because having my bra and undies match makes my day fell more pulled together even if no one knows. plus considering it only cost me $35 aud i concidered that a very good price for a set these days.

now i cant do a princess polly order without grabbing some makeup they to me have such a wide range of beauty products from big brands like benefit cosmetics, mecca and even jeffree star cosmetics and some other cheaper options that are great quality for a great price. i decided to get the LA Girl HD PRO concealer i have heard a lot about this concealer from beauty gurus online and for only $12 aud i was willing to give it a shot! i also grabbed the jeffree star unicorn blood velour liquid lipsick, i love this shade!! i didnt think i would like it since its a red shade and i dont usualy wear red lipsticks due to my blue hair and having fears it would clash but i just love it! it cost me $28 aud which is about average for one of his products.

the best part of this order is i only have to pay $38 aud a fortnight thanks to afterpay!. afterpay lets you buy all the things you may want or need and just pay a certain percentage of the total every two weeks so you don’t have to fork out a large amount of money in on order! that way if you have a last minute event and nothing to wear you can afterpay it, get your order then pay it over four weeks. unfortunately this is only available in Australia at the moment but i’m sure there is something similar available in your country and if not something should be on its way soon! thanks for reading! until next time!xo


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