Colourpop: for fox sake lipstick collection!

I recently picked up some new products from colourpop cosmetics and since I didn’t own any of there lipsticks and they have so many different colours and finishes that I reply just wanted to try as many as I could without having to buy a bunch of them that I wouldn’t like or use.

I picked up this set called for fox sake it is full of neutral / nude shades that I would be more likely to wear regularly, it has a mix of mattes, mattalic, gloss and satin. I think this set was a great way to Try out some different textured lipsticks.

Above is some swatches of all the colours in the following order:

  • Man eater: metallic 
  • Trap: matte
  • Echo park: satin
  • My jam: gloss
  • Beeper: matte

​I love the finish of the matte shades, they dry down really well and aren’t too drying on the lips. 

Top to bottom: 

  • Echo park
  • trap
  • My jam 
  • Beeper
  • Man eater

I love these lipsticks and use them all the time! I highly recommend them if you can get your hands on them! Thanks for reading! Until next time xo


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