Star Wars mad! 

So if your like me and have an unhealthy obsession with Star Wars then you’ll love this! 

I have been buying Star Wars themed clothing for about two years now and I am loving it! So these are just some of the pieces I have picked up over the years. 

I bought this tee from cotton on about a month ago for $20 Aud it’s soo comfy to wear and has a super cool quote on the back saying “give yourself to the dark side” because they are always looking for new recruits!

I also have these limited edition lipsticks! From covergirl themed after the makeup looks from characters in the movies/shows, these are great colours and have been used by some talented cospayers and makeup gurus to recreate the makeup looks of the characters. 

These are my Star Wars montage leggings. Need I say more! They are super comfy and are great for lazy days around the house or for quick errands during the day, and it’s just great when other Star Wars fans notice them!

This is my darth Vader swim suit that I love to wear as a top/bodysuit. It is super fun to wear and I’m always ready for spontaneous trips to the beach or swimming pool when I have this on! 

This is just some of the stuff I own! I really love all the merchandise you can get that’s related to all the movies, games and Tv shows you may love! Thanks for reading! Until next time! Xo 


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