DIY choker necklaces and my collection!

One of the things that have really made a come back this year is choker necklaces! And im so glad! They are so cute and edgy 

This one i bought off princess polly i believe it cost me around $30 aud which is the most i have ever paid for one it is just a simple velvet string with some little spikes on the end.

This one i got from tiger mist it cost me $10 aud and i just love it its just a piece of lace with some string weaved through so you can tye it up at the back. 

After a quick trip to my local supre store I picked up these two for only $5 aud each! And I just love the look of them. 

Now this one may seem odd but it’s the cheapest choker i have ever bought! i just went to my local craft store and just bought some silk ribbons. I chose to grab the thinner size so i could make them look small so they arent as bulky around my neck. And it’s simple as measuring your neck and cuting it the length you need and then tying it around your neck! Super simple and super easy! 

Choker necklaces are an amazing accessory and can either be bought or be made. And you can be so creative with them in so many ways, I hope you enjoyed seeing my collection and I hope this gave you some ideas on what’s out there. Until next time! Xo


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