Black milk clothing pt 2: shorts

Black milk have some of the best shorts I have ever worn. With this hot summer we have been having down here in Australia the materials are amazing for the hot weather. They don’t rub on the skin or feel uncomfortable at all they are just perfect for our weather. And best of all if you want to wear them during winter they look great with stockings! 

These are my strawberry shorties! And how cute are they!! When I seen them I just knew I had to add them into my collection since I am obsessed with strawberries they are one of my favourite fruits and to be able to wear them on my body is just perfect!

These are my purple galaxy shorties. This pattern is just out of this world! (I had to) this pattern is actually taken from an actual picture of stars in space! so I literally have a photo of Stars in space on my body! 

These are my galaxy purple short shorts these are so cute and are great for anyone who like to do pole dancing or any sport/exercise that needs tight shorts and the amazing galaxy print doesnt hurt at all.

This is my hummingbird shorties and oh my god they are soo comfy and look so cute! They have so much detail in the little birds and the flowers are so colourful and stand out so much. 

These are the green galaxy shorts that are just so amazing! They are so bright and such an amazing colour! These are my newest shorts and I can tell I will be living In them for a while! 

I love all these shorts they are so comfortable and come in amazing colours and patterns I highly recommend these shorts for summer and paired with some killer stocking can be worn all year round! Hope you enjoyed a quick look at my large collection of black milk, until next time! Xo


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