Kmart bedroom decor and styling!

After realising how dark my room was looking I decided to try and lighten it until and give it a fresh look! And thanks to Kmart I was able to do it without breaking the bank! 

So I bought some blue, black and faux fur cushions to add some colour and texture to my bed and I also laid my faux fur rug on the bed to add to the look.

I added some fake flowers to the top of my bed head to add some colour and life as well as some real lillys that will eventually flower and look so beautiful, I placed some of my books in my bed head since that’s what my bed head is made for. I bought a new quilt cover and some white sheets just to brighten up an already dark room and some blue pillow cases to add some colour aswell. 

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your room decor. Thanks for reading! Until next time! Xo


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