Black milk clothing pt 5: leggings

There is nothing more comfortable then a well fitted pair of leggings,weather you wear them to the gym or just everyday. They go with any outfit and come in every colour,pattern and material. So here is a few of the ones I own from the amazing black milk clothing! 

These are the high waisted wet look overalls leggings they are super cool and I just love wearing them, I don’t always wear the suspender straps over my shoulders because they are a bit to short for me and feel like they are pulling me down a bit.

Who doesn’t love leggings with pockets! These are super comfy and go with everything!

These are my mermaid midnight legs. These are so amazing i mean who doesn’t want to be a mermaid! They have such good detail and being black they can match almost everything! 

These are the Awesome high waisted legs they really can be worn with any top you would like, they are so comfortable and have quite a bit of stretch to them

Star Wars montage leggings. Now these aren’t actually black milk since they came out years before I started my collection so I unfortunately missed out on them but these I bought of eBay for like five dollars so I was quite impressed with the quality.

These are my brer rabbit black legs. I just had to get these because bunnies!! They look so cute and have such a unique pattern. Everytime i wear these it makes me think of my own little bunny! 

These are the Daily prophet leggings, who doesn’t love Harry Potter! Who wouldn’t want leggings with titles from the newspaper in the movies?! I love these legging and wear them all the time! 

These are just a few of the leggings i own from black milk the collection is constantly growing and never stoping! If you’d like to see more or how I style these leggings feel free to subscribe or check out my Instagram wintersdaughter_

Thanks for looking! Until next time! Xo


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