Kmart haul! 

Yes I am Kmart mad! But the prices are just so good!! And the quality is so amazing for what I pay! So here is a quick run down as to what I picked up recently! These are some of the things I bought: note books Calendar pens pins paper clips marble cross Marble circle... Continue Reading →


Bunny love 🐇

So this is just a short rant about my adorable bunny! His name is glorfindel after the lord of the rings character from the J.R.R Tolkien books. He is about a year old and ive had him for 11. He is my little fur baby! So this is him isn't he adorable! With his big feet and... Continue Reading →

Surface pro 4 review 

Recently I decided I wanted a new laptop or tablet because my old one was running slow and I just wanted to try one of the new tablet/ laptop devices that are going around the market right now.  I decided I was either going to get the iPad Pro or the Microsoft surface pro 4.... Continue Reading →

Its finally over!

Happy new year!! Its finally 2017! Time to start fresh with all new plans and aspirations. I am so thankful to all who have supported my blog and instagram (wintersdaughter_) over the past year.  So far this year i have had quite a few ups and downs, but after starting this blog, putting more effort... Continue Reading →

Adult colouring in, relaxation and winding down.

After a long day i love to just sit down throw a big blanket over my shoulders, get a nice cup of tea to warm me up in this cold so called 'spring' we have been having and just colour in an amazing drawing.. I currently own four of Johanna Bassfords colouring in books and... Continue Reading →


I have been stretching my ears for about 3 years now starting with just my ears pierced then to start stretching going up to 2mm and working my way up to where I am now at 12mm.When i first stretched my ears i went to a professional piercer that knows how to num the ear... Continue Reading →

Makeup desk organisation!

Recently i had a moment where i realised i really wanted to reorganise my room, makeup and life. i have always wanted a nice, clean, organised makeup desk area. i love the idea of not having to store all my makeup in draws or hidden away, i love a nice area to sit down relax... Continue Reading →

Fairytale book collection! 

I have been buying these beautiful books for a bout a year now and i can tell you that they are so amazing! The detailing in them is so good and the creativity of the storys are great. These books a just a big nostalgic step back in time and every second of reading is... Continue Reading →

Beauty, fashion and everything in between.

Hello! Im a new blogger just starting out, just wanted to let everyone know what i will be posting in the near future! I will be focusing on makeup, beauty and fashion. It will mostly be reviews, recommendations and feature some of my own collection! I have been collecting and admiring makeup for years trying... Continue Reading →

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