Recently I have been obsessing over wigs! It is the easiest way to change up your hair colour or style without damaging or committing to changing your hair style.  So after seeing some amazing companies that sell wigs I decided to check them out but after a quick look around I realised a lot of... Continue Reading →


Dare! dont care!

Dare is an amazing hair dye that have a large range of colours that are bright and can turn your hair into the mermaid/unicorn colour that you've been dreaming of they even have pastel colours to fulfil all your hair dying needs! Weather you are just starting out or are looking to freshen up a... Continue Reading →

Wedding lookbook

On a sunny day on october 9th i watched my uncle and his now amazing wife tie the knot after 10 years together! It was an amazing day filled with love and happiness and off course beautiful flowers, suits and of course dresses!  Before the ceremony began i had a chance to walk around and... Continue Reading →

Coloured hair! Dont care!

Having crazy coloured hair seems to be the normal these days, some still turn there nose up at it saying its "unprofessional" but the days are changing and people are starting to open up to different things and that includes coloured hair!  I have had blue coloured hair for almost a year now and all... Continue Reading →

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