Punk outfit of the day! 

After ordering a honey birdette set online I knew there would be a way to pair it up with something I own and still look amazing! So here's my look I hope you enjoy!  So for this look I chose to wear my black milk dress called the dress 2.0 and wore my new honey birdette... Continue Reading →


Sephora haul

Nothing better then ordering some new makeup! So here's a quick look at my sephora order and what I got!  So I used a code and received this cute little zoeva brush witch was super cute and feels so smooth! And I also got the benefit cosmetics gimme brow tester with was so great since... Continue Reading →

Star Wars mad! 

So if your like me and have an unhealthy obsession with Star Wars then you'll love this!  I have been buying Star Wars themed clothing for about two years now and I am loving it! So these are just some of the pieces I have picked up over the years.  I bought this tee from... Continue Reading →

Colourpop: for fox sake lipstick collection!

I recently picked up some new products from colourpop cosmetics and since I didn't own any of there lipsticks and they have so many different colours and finishes that I reply just wanted to try as many as I could without having to buy a bunch of them that I wouldn't like or use. ​... Continue Reading →

Glitter eye look

After ordering some glitters from star crushed minerals I decided to have a play around with it since I had never used glitter before and I was very interested with how it could turn out, now keep in mind I was just having a test so be nice I'm not the most talented person out... Continue Reading →

More black milk! 

Quick look at my newest black milk clothing haul! This order was so I could get some new stuff for the coming winter! Or atleast that's my excuse  I ordered about 6 pieces in total including leggings, tops, a jacket and some socks!!  These two are the sporty stripe hosiery socks, these two are limited... Continue Reading →

Tarte foundation & concealer review! 

After hearing all the hype about tarte cosmetics and how amazing there products are I finally decided to spend the money and buy some of there products, I picked up the Amazonian clay foundation and the Mara creasless concealer both in the shade light. The foundation is definitely worth the hype I have worn this... Continue Reading →

Casual Ootd 

Super casual outfit for today but do you ever get an online order delivered and immediately wear all the new things? No just me.. okay then well then this is a super quick outfit I pulled together after my black milk order arrived! Enjoy!!  Clothing: black milk clothing including:  Joker bomber jacket  Capped sleeve bodysuit ... Continue Reading →

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